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National Karate and Kickboxing Association
Achieve physical fitness, mental awareness and personal self control.
Recieve your first karate/kickboxing uniform for FREE
The Organisation
The NKA is a Karate / Kickboxing organisation which develops schools of excellence. The N.K.A. is a member of the longest running Karate group, the British Karate Association Manchester. This gives us membership to the Martial Arts Commission and all the NKA Instructors are registered with the M.A.C. 

The N.K.A. Instructors are all senior grades with many years experience in training within the N.K.A. group and extra events are throughout the year via the B.K.A.
More Info
Grading system
Our grading system is as follows: Red Belt, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Purple/White, Brown, Brown/White, Brown/Black, and 1st Dan Black Belt.
Children can take part too!
Without exception Karate / Kickboxing is recognised as one of the best sports for children. Competitiveness and discipline is promoted and our classes for children start at the age of 5 years old.
How to get started
By filling in a membership application form, available from our office or the Clubs Instructor. You will be advised on club costs, training nights, times, and on how to recieve your free uniform. 
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